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Upload your WPA handshake here and your network will be cracked for you automatically. Contribute to WPA security research - the more handshakes you upload, the more stats, and the more we'll understand how feasible WPA cracking is in practice (currently 5% are crackable based on 49951 networks).

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To obtain the WPA handshake, use besside-ng (from aircrack-ng's SVN), a tool that will automatically own all the WPA networks it finds. If you have Internet connectivity while running besside-ng, use the -s option to upload wpa.cap automatically.

WPA cracking in practice (live stats)

Based on 49951 networks and a 46M word dictionary:

Real-time WPA cracking results

Num SSID Passphrase Rainbow CoW (1M) Openwall (3M) Insidepro (11M) Offensive security (39M) Comments
261742SwedenVoyager no
261740??lude no
261739??Mahda no
261738??liuyw no
261737??jj no
261736SwedenLink_300N no
261735SwedenGeneral15* no
261734SwedenHOM no
261733??APPLE no
261732??lihuayong no
261730??wp no
261729United StatesSJ no
261728United StatesNEUF_C100 no
261727United StatesWLAN_17F9 no
261726United Statesyoyo no
261725??OTEF59976 no
261723??LOVECHAO no
261722FranceFAST307 no
261721France222 no
261720FranceWinzor no
261719France101-221 no
261717United StatesAlfredo no
261716United StatesWLAN_0C85 no
261715United Statesalper no
261714NetherlandsOMUNAS no
261713NetherlandsCN400WL125 no
261712NetherlandsTP_yin no
261711NetherlandsCU_4cd9 no
261710LuxembourgFLM no
261709Luxembourgpanleen no
261708LuxembourgTPLinkP no
261707Luxembourgmercer123 no
261706NetherlandsXESwuchang no
261705Netherlandsll803 no
261704NetherlandsDavis Wifi no
261703??TP-LINK1 no
261702??K_Home no
261701??farran no
261700??TENDATA_1 no
261699??Don Bosko no
261697??G_PUNKT no
261696United Statesjifei no
261695Russian Federationdlink-22no
261694United StatesTP-LINK_465no
261693United Statesjhu no
261692Russian Federationzzbr no
261691Russian Federation717 no
261690Russian FederationdlinkZ no
261689Russian FederationLG no
261688SwitzerlandGeneral10* no
261687Switzerlandcocobh no
261686Switzerlandlyt521 no
261685??enovell14 no
261684??ARRIS-ABF2 no
261683??DXXY no
261682??please no
261681Netherlandskaivash no
261679Netherlands402 no
261678??iTV-yWq4 no
261677??yeye no
261676??SHSM no
261675??Asus no
261674??Keith no
261673??TAIDA no
261672??2WIRE967 no
261671United Kingdom222 no
261670United Kingdomyangqinwen no
261669Russian Federationvenice no
261668Russian Federationqong no
261667Russian FederationNET-wp no
261666Russian Federation88888888 no
261665Francesk_net no
261664FranceTOTO no
261663Estoniasvgok no
261662Estoniatp-link no
261661EstoniaTP-LINK_95 no
261660Estoniasuntec no
261658SwedenONO_FDBA no
261657Swedenectkjycgs no
261656??CGS no
261655??WRIGHT no
261653??gy no
261652??TP-LINK888 no
261651??wlan-ap no
261650Russian FederationFAST_60F2A4no
261649Russian FederationHome-WIFI no
261648United Statesccno
261647United Stateskimno
261644Russian Federationmj 555 no
261643Republic Of KoreaBTHub3-C7R7no

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Contribute your CPU to the cracking process by running, a script that will automatically fetch uncracked networks, try to crack them, and upload the results to this site.