Online WPA cracker with stats - besside-ng companion

Upload your WPA handshake here and your network will be cracked for you automatically. Contribute to WPA security research - the more handshakes you upload, the more stats, and the more we'll understand how feasible WPA cracking is in practice (currently 5% are crackable based on 50029 networks).

Upload WPA handshake capture

To obtain the WPA handshake, use besside-ng (from aircrack-ng's SVN), a tool that will automatically own all the WPA networks it finds. If you have Internet connectivity while running besside-ng, use the -s option to upload wpa.cap automatically.

WPA cracking in practice (live stats)

Based on 50029 networks and a 46M word dictionary:

Real-time WPA cracking results

Num SSID Passphrase Rainbow CoW (1M) Openwall (3M) Insidepro (11M) Offensive security (39M) Comments