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Upload your WPA handshake here and your network will be cracked for you automatically. Contribute to WPA security research - the more handshakes you upload, the more stats, and the more we'll understand how feasible WPA cracking is in practice (currently 5% are crackable based on 49896 networks).

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To obtain the WPA handshake, use besside-ng (from aircrack-ng's SVN), a tool that will automatically own all the WPA networks it finds. If you have Internet connectivity while running besside-ng, use the -s option to upload wpa.cap automatically.

WPA cracking in practice (live stats)

Based on 49896 networks and a 46M word dictionary:

Real-time WPA cracking results

Num SSID Passphrase Rainbow CoW (1M) Openwall (3M) Insidepro (11M) Offensive security (39M) Comments
261609Franceinvestigat no
261608Francemeetroom no
261607FranceSARIBAK53 no
261606FranceWLAN_EF27 no
261605United Statesagorano
261604Germanydlink WG Routerno
261603??kv101 no
261601??WRIGHT no
261600??ILONA no
261599United StatesAPPLE no
261598United Statesxiaotouwawano
261597United StatesLink no
261596United Statestheoffice no
261595??WinterWiFi no
261594??totolink no
261591??hhwy no
261589??coco110110 no
261588??Smiley no
261587Syrian Arab Republicsamerno
261586??BQ_Network no
261583??Boyko no
261582Netherlandsgiantkone no
261580NetherlandsBosko no
261579Netherlands123456 no
261578NetherlandsKIT no
261577??TP-LINK_lq no
261576United Statesbelkin54gno
261575United StatesATT894no
261574United StatesVerizon ADR6300 82A9no
261573United StatesATT4936no
261571??cylwfm12 no
261570??OZ Express no
261568??kone no
261566??nashgorod no
261565??medjugorje no
261564??osama2009 no
261563SwedenGF-ZCY no
261562Swedensukhada no
261561Swedenqianqian no
261560Sweden001m no
261559SwedendlinkZ no
261558France71#602 no
261557Francexinhua5 no
261556FranceYong1983 no
261555Franceruanqihao no
261554France2WIRE195 no
261552??HUANG no
261551?? no
261550??dlink-lq no
261549GermanyMAR no
261548GermanyWONG no
261547GermanyTP-LINK no
261546GermanyWanlipeng no
261545United StatesAMIM no
261544United StatesQrejten2 no
261543United StatesDSL-2640R no
261542Russian Federationdaiwhua no
261541Russian FederationVirus_Link no
261540Russian FederationALPHA-WLAN no
261539Netherlandssjr no
261538NetherlandsBesamar no
261537NetherlandsPRINCE no
261536Netherlandssamu no
261535NetherlandsMr Yang no
261534??liang no
261532??sgwy no
261531??donghai no
261530??PIG no
261529SwedenG54S no
261528Sweden2B504 no
261527Swedenrivoltata no
261526Netherlandsladygaga no
261525Netherlandsdmjfx no
261524Netherlandsbrada no
261523NetherlandsCL_324F26 no
261522??chenxiping no
261520??wusheng no
261519??yjyj no
261516Netherlandsnancykwok no
261515FranceNOVOTY no
261513Francezang0001 no
261512Franceduan no
261511Swedenxhm no

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